One Stop Solution for Indonesia's SME Export Acceleration

Reach Global Market Opportunities with ATT Group

We are officially partnering with as an Authorized Global Channel Partner in Indonesia.

ATT Group is here to collaborate with SMEs who want to sell their products to the global market through digital platforms. We have always been consistent in understanding all the needs to help SMEs be globally competitive.

As a company engaged in logistics, ATT Group has helped SMEs who want to market their products abroad. Especially since becoming a partner of We are committed to presenting a one stop solution that is the answer to the problems faced by Indonesian SMEs.

Why ATT Group?

Committed to providing one stop solutions for the acceleration of Indonesian SMEs through the international market

ATT Group's main activities are providing effective and efficient logistics and distribution for the benefit of business partners. You will get convenience related to logistics needs designed in meeting the diverse transportation for your business environment towards international markets.

Complete Fulfillment Services

ATT Group as a one stop solution to reach your business acceleration to export market. We also collaborated with business ecosystem that give the solution with education experience.

House of Indonesia’s SME

Our professional team will provide regular progress reports of your account performance to see performance, to provide professional advice and to provide solutions that help you improve your transaction opportunities.

Account’s performance Evaluation

Our Partners

Collaboration for Indonesia’s
Export Acceleration

Reach more 160 millions buyers from all over the world

Immediately get global market opportunities for your business by becoming a member of the Global Gold Supplier.

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