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Is a Socipreneur from Banjarnegara, Central Java who is committed to raising the standard of living of cassava farmers by processing it into mocaf flour.

Entering digital marketing, PT Rumah Mocaf joined as a member of Alibaba in 2020 and immediately made achievements.

Evidently, processed cassava products have succeeded in attracting global buyers and succeeded in exporting 5 tons of ikivunde flour to Oman.


It is the furniture IKM from Bantul, Yogyakarta which has successfully reached 61 buyers from various countries.

CV Woodeco Indonesia’s superior products include tableware, wall panels, and bamboo fences. Since 2017, the subscribed countries are America, Australia, and Europe.

Now CV Woodeco has proven that #BeraniEkspor via digital has had a significant impact on the company’s turnover.


Is an IKM native to Banyumas, Central Java, which focuses on processing coconut sugar.

CV Hugo Innovation partners with farmers in processing coconut sap into sugar. Starting from molded coconut sugar, powder, syrup and crystals are produced every day to meet various demands.

Until now, CV Hugo Innovation has exported crystal coconut sugar to Bahrain and several other potential countries.


It is a multi-purpose cooperative whose members are farmers who depend on coconut sugar for their livelihood.

KSU Nira Satria has really felt the benefits of digital marketing through Alibaba since 2020.

Now the largest market is in Europe, approximately 80%. Then there are several other markets, namely the continents of Asia, Africa, and America, which have become permanent buyers of KSU Nira Satria’s coconut sugar.


Is a coconut sugar cooperative originating from Purbalingga, Central Java which already has hundreds of fostered farmers.

KUB Central Agro Lestari has the strength of coconut sugar products with qualified quantity and quality. In addition to having an Organic Certificate, various kinds of processed coconut sugar are ready to try out world trade.

Now, the market reach of KUB Central Agro Lestari has entered the global realm to connect with buyers from America.


is an IKM which is engaged in agricultural commodities, one of which is coconut sugar.

PT Sistema Organis Agrinaya began testing exports through Alibaba in 2020, various samples of coconut sugar products have been sent to several countries, including Malaysia, Italy, America, and Ghana.

PT Sistema Organis Agrinaya believes that digitizing its product marketing can increase turnover compared to conventional ones.

CV Ghani Taksu  

is one of the mainstay furniture manufacturers from Bali. With 20 years of experience, CV Ghani Taksu has traveled the world as a manufacturer of handicrafts and furniture in the global market.

Skilled handcrafted products such as home, garden, and decorative furniture have been in demand from more than four continents. Permanent consumers of CV Ghani Taksu come from European, Asian, and Australian countries.

CV Ghani Taksu has been an active member of a global gold supplier that regularly sends superior products to various countries worldwide.

CV Mulya Rattan

One of the SMEs that joined the membership of Global Gold Supplier in 2019. Now the business engaged in the furniture sector has successfully conquered the international scene.

One of them penetrated into the state of Israel with a total order of 3 containers hq, a transaction of US $ 52,179.00

UD Ardena Furniture

SME from Jepara, Central Java that has joined since 2018. The third year after joining, UD Ardena Furniture has had 25 buyers with 5 buyers who continued to order.

Ud Ardena Furniture’s flagship products are classic, casual, antique, modern or contemporary style furniture.

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal

a company that has been joined since 2016 with superior products, namely, marine cultivation facilities and equipment and marine ecotourism under the AquaTec brand and

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has sent more than 15,750 kemba in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, China, Maldives and Ghana.

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