Indonesian Entreprenuers, do you know? Product delivery activities abroad can fail simply because the packaging doesn’t fill export standards. So many novice exporters suffer losses because their export products are damaged during shipping. Of course you don’t want this happen next time, right? Because it’s important to you to find ways how to make packaging to fill export standards.

What kind of good packaging looks like? Obviously good packaging is one that has a function, not just an aesthetic function. Especially for export, Good packaging is capable of supporting the export process itself. Starting from product information instructions, shipping security, to being able to attract people’s attention to buy our products.

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So therefore, before exporting you should find out how to make packaging for export products. Previously you also need to know about the role of the packaging itself.

  • Packaging as a marketing tools

Packaging also has a role for marketing. Especially for products that are consumed directly by the public. Such as snacks and others. There are many supporting factors to help packaging as a marketing tool that is strong enough to reach the buyers. But what needs to be remembered is that the preparation for making packaging must be of export standard, because the treatment will be different from the needs of domestic businesses.

  • Packaging as product protection

Packaging as a marketing tool, is more than safe and convenient packaging. The packaging must also have unique properties, so that it is easily recognizable and leaves a deep impression on consumers. In fact, unique and eye catching are not enough. Packaging must also act as a product protector that is functional and save space. This is necessary for the needs of later expeditions.

You will definitely use an expedition service to send products overseas. Before shipping, you can ask how the packaging for export is recommended by the related shipping service for your stuffs. Each courier service may have different standards and procedures for the same item. Because the way of packaging each item needs to be considered so that the stuffs sent for export are kept fresh, integrality, and safe.

  • Packaging as supporting export

There are many things that need to be considered related the packaging as export support. Because the export packaging standards of the regulations in each country are different. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to the target market and types of stuffs , of course, require different treatment in the packaging of export products. For example, plants with animals, fish with fruits, to the same item but with different materials.

Before preparing standard export packaging, you must know the appropriate raw materials for the product. There are five sectors of raw materials, including paper and cardboard, stuffy plastic, flexible plastic, metal packaging, and glass packaging. Based on these five sectors, 40% of the packaging used in Indonesia is paper and cardboard packaging, 34% plastic packaging, 14% metal packaging, and 11% glass packaging. However, these packaging raw materials are usually tailored to your product.

The raw materials above are the majority used by entrepreneur, but you can also try recycling packaging innovations. There are several benefits that can be obtained by using recycled packaging. First, ypur product will be known as an eco friendly product. Second, recycled packaging tends to have a more economical price and the last one, usually the product will seem unique, because the texture of recycled materials tends to be different from other materials in general.

As we know, packaging that has export standards will increase competitiveness. This is also what the goverment continues to encourage through upstream to downstream industry programs, and reducing import duty rates for packaging raw materials that cannot be produced domestically. Although, the packaging industry in Indonesia continues to grow due to the growth of the food and beverage industry as the foundation for the development of the packaging business.

The packaging industry is also supported by the increasing global market trend which has a positive impact on many business lines. The growth of the packaging industry is not only focused on meeting the export market, but also to meet the needs of the domestic industry. Indirectly, entreprenuer in the packaging sector have helped increase Indonesia’s exports.

Apart from the explanation about the packaging industry in Indonesia, it should be noted that there is such a great opportunity when we can fulfill the export standard packaging. There are 3 initial ways to have standard export packaging for your products.

  • Choose a Design According to Product Identity

Packaging design will usually bring the identity of your product. Therefore, the design must be chosen properly so that consumers will recognize your product just by looking at the packaging. Packaging design must also be able to get potential consumers.

  • Choose Bright Colors & Legible Writing Fonts

Bright colors are usually the right choice because they seem striking and different when placed together with other products on shelves or shop windows. In addition, choose a writing font that is easily read by consumers.

  • Strengthen Legality Information from Government Agency

Your product will be judged to be of higher quality if it states the legality of a government agency that is authorized to produce the products. Usually this is also regulated in regulations of export destination country.

You can do the selection of standard export packaging above before entering the realm of global trade. By following these steps, you will avoid the anxiety that stops you from Berani Ekspor! Good luck, Indonesian Entrepreneurs!